Saturday, April 21, 2012

God Loves "FAT" People Life Group Lesson

This is the Life Group lesson that follows last week's sermon. It will also work well as a stand alone Bible study without the sermon. Read the verses and answer the questions. It will work for your group, by yourself, or with your spouse as a couples study. God bless.

God Loves “Fat” People
(Faithful, Accountable, & Trustworthy)
Matthew 25:14-30
 [Life Group Lesson]

Open: 5 -10   mins   Move quickly through this section.

Who was one of the most talented people you knew in school? What happened to that person?
What talents were you known for in school?

Dig: 15 - 20 mins   Read the Bible verses. Remember to pace yourself. Don’t get too long here.

1.       If you were to go away for a long time, who would you entrust things to? Why?
2.       What were the master’s expectations of his servants while he was away?
3.       What happens to the two servants who doubled their investment? To the servant who hides his talent? On what basis were they rewarded?
4.       How does the master’s treatment of the one-talent servant seem to you: Fair? Harsh? Lenient? Why?

Reflect: 25 - 30 mins   Spend most of your time in this section.

5.       What is the parable’s message?
  • God cannot tolerate laziness.
  • God has given Christians a “job” to do until Christ’s return.
  • When we are faithful and use the “talents” God has given us, He gives us more.
  • Condemnation awaits those who don’t invest their lives in God’s kingdom.

6.       How do you feel when you’re given a lot of responsibility?
  • Nervous – I hope I don’t blow it!
  • Proud – People believe in me!
  • Overwhelmed – I can’t handle it!
  • Confident – I can handle it and be accountable for it!

7.       What would help you to better use your talents and abilities right now, today?
  • To recognize them?
  • To be more responsible and trustworthy?
  • To believe in myself more?
  • To get more encouragement from others?

8.      What expectations do you feel God has in relation to how you use your talents?
  • He won’t settle for anything less than my best
  • As long as I try, He’s pleased.
  • He doesn’t expect anything more of me.
  • I feel He expects more than I can give.

9.       If the Master returned today, how much of your talents and potential would He say you are using for Him right now?
  • Sorry you asked.
  • Maybe 5%.
  • I would say 50%.
  • I’m giving it all I’ve got.
  • Other:___________________

10.   What does, “Come and share my happiness with me,” mean to you (Matt. 25:23 ERV)?

11.    How can the group support you in prayer this week?

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